mercoledì 23 febbraio 2011

A me quella storia dei cucchiaini di zucchero di Kate Nash mi è piaciuta un sacco, davvero

I'd like to get up late and see your text of 3 hrs before.
I'd like to have a date with you and arrive 20 minutes late telling a lie about the DLR.
I'd like to eat with you a normal pasta, that you'll enjoy 'cause you are not italian and I'm enjoy just 'cause I'm hungry. (and maybe inside of you, you are thinking that it's not so special, and I would agree, but you won't tell me just 'cause I made it).
I'd like to walk with you in all the parks of London, even the more awful and sad in a unknown zone just 'cause we saw it on gmaps.
I'd like to stay with you till the moment we won't have anything to say, and we'll not feel embarassed for this... or till the moment we really feel awkward, who knows.
I'd like you could take enough coffee and tea with me till the moment you know when I say 2 spoon of sugar I mean 3, like Kate Nash's song.
I'd like you could walk with me on the Millennium Bridge.
And on the top of Primrose Hill, just to say "Nothing special at all".
I'd like you'll be the first I call when I'll be in the hospital with a broken nose.
I'd like you could see how good am I driving my car. Getting scared everytime I try to be a pilot.
I'd like to listen to your music, understanding just a few words.
I'd like to learn "la tua lingua" (nothing naughty) and that you could learn "el mi idioma".
I'd like to hear from you just a few words, nothing special, but just the ones that could turn me to you saying "Really?" with a 32 teeth and 64 GB smile.
I'd like to let you know about my family, my dog, my house, my city (my town?), and most of all, me and everything that made me. (even the smell of fried fish that my father usually do on sunday that I keep in my jacket till monday evening).
I'd like to be able to write in a better english, you see.
But I'd like to see your smile.
And I'd like to see you, now, in a year, in three, or just when could happen.

And see what we could be. In the real life...

- Giulio - non era

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